Speak Out: Postponing Halloween

Some area towns and cities postponed trick-or-treating Halloween night due to a potentially rainy forecast. We asked our Facebook followers how they felt about this.

• It’s ridiculous. If you don’t like the weather, get an umbrella or stay home. However, it’s just windy and gloomy. No rain in the forecast now. Halloween is October 31. It always has been and always should be, point blank. I have two boys, I understand being out in the rain could cause colds and whatnot but it’s one night a year that children look forward to all year. There are precautions that can be taken to keep children dry. I think the towns who rescheduled absolutely jumped the gun. They could have at least waited until today to pull the plug. — Shelbi Brown

• Postponing but the chance of rain isn’t until after 9. Gonna have upset kids all for nothing. — Autumn Farrell Towns

• Halloween on any other day is the new “Participation Trophy.” — Shannon Wilds

• Ridiculous. Suck it up. Come on people, can your kid not get wet? Is this the first time in history that it rained on Halloween? NO!! Stop being such a crybaby. — Jennifer McClendon

• I’m from Pennsylvania, we went in snow and 30s. But the weather is looking yuck. The primary concern is straight line winds with that squall line that could reach or approach severe limits in gusts, defined as more than 58 mph this evening. We do expect power outages from this in parts of the region. — Karinna Rodgers

• Stupid. How about we stop encouraging kids to approach strangers and beg for candy? — Sandy Evans Primo

• Guess no one has checked the weather today, it’s now almost 2 o’clock, hasn’t rained for almost two hours and they are not calling for anything until later tonight, and it’s decently warm. — Christopher Joyce

• It’s ridiculous. Dress for the weather and have fun. It’s not even supposed to rain during trick or treat hours (6-8) here in Wyoming. — Natalie Jane

• Who cares? Go both days, go one day, don’t go. Just quit complaining about it. And I could care less how old you are. — Travis Rust

• I’m really ashamed of a lot of the adults making commentas on this. Not just this particular page, everywhere. I mean really, how classy. The weather showed for a week that it would heavy rain and wind. Thunderstorms as well. Of course as usual, the weather is showing differently than just a day ago. It happens. But the towns all made decisions in the best interest of children’s safety. Not because it might be wet. But because it might be dangerous. People can barely function on dry days, imagine thousands of kids walking around in the rain. Then add high winds, lightning, etc. You’re asking for trouble.

On the flip side, if no one rescheduled and something awful happened, you’d all be the same ones in an uproar that the town didn’t take action and move the date. You can’t please anyone. Ever. It’s sad. —— Jennifer Lynn

• You’re right, it’s a no-win situation. Guess we’re the only ones who see that. If it doesn’t rain, and could have gone on tonight, oh well. It happens. At least the kids still get to go. I mean they could have said no trick or treating this year because of nasty weather. I mean obviously that would never happen. But I guess people don’t think that way. I for one, appreciate the towns wanting to keep everyone safe. You also have to realize people on the roads can’t even drive when it’s dry out, add some rain and the driving gets crazy. I mean I could go on and on. They were looking out for everyone’s best interest. Period. — Ashley Callaway

• Tired of hearing about this! Let’s argue over Thanksgiving now! — Eric Porter

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