Speak Out: Proposed Dover budget

Donna Mitchell, who manages the city of Dover, said a property tax increase in the city’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget is necessary to catch up on “much-needed” maintenance work in city parks and aging facilities, as well as filling some staffing positions that have been left vacant for several years.

Mrs. Mitchell broke down her proposed FY20 draft budget for members of Dover City Council in Council Chambers at City Hall last week, proposing an 8.6 percent property tax increase as part of a $43.6 million general fund budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins in July.

• Cool! Raise taxes instead of cutting cost elsewhere! Seems to be the new norm! Why not just take my whole paycheck and then you decide how much I need out of it! Socialism at its finest. Welcome to the east coast California. — Dean Grabowski

• 1. Make suggestions of what to cut. 2. That’s not how taxes work. — Benjamin Black

• Trying to push out the drug dealers? Oh, they’re on welfare and don’t pay taxes. — Jim Sawchak

• This is the city of Dover. Now don’t forget the state will be doing the same thing. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• I do not agree with this tax increase. The city needs to explore more efficient management before it raises taxes. More money is not always the answer. I remind the readers that here we go again taxing the property owners. What about taxing the citizens? What about a fair tax? I suppose the best way to do that is to tax services if the city cannot figure out how to manage things better. I am not saying that doing so is easy.

And then, we have the CDS referendum that passed and will raise only property taxes even though everyone in the community voted on it. Property owners are getting hit twice this year. I do not think this is fair.

However, I do applaud Councilman David Anderson for his fiscal conservatism and wisdom. I also ask Councilman Ralph Taylor, why aren’t you challenging this as well? At the very least we need to do a lot of thinking before we raise taxes. — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• But guys, what about the parking structure we don’t need? We gotta pay for it, right? Oh wait, didn’t that plan start because of a state surplus? Y’all can blame the “others” all you want, unfortunately it’s the whole damned system that’s broken. — Scott Currie

• So it took only two and half hours to decide to raise taxes. Sounds more like avoiding a public discussion. — Jeffrey Boyer

• That’s an average of 2.7% increase each year since the last increase. I guess that it is a good thing that Sen. Bonini gave the city $750,000 of his constituents money (and they are not Dover residents) or the tax increase might be higher. Y’all are welcome. — Kevin McCarthy

• At this rate, we will be taxed as high as those in the big cities. Vote out the ones who continually want to raise taxes. — Ed Swetland

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