Speak Out: Proposed lodging taxes

In late June, Delaware’s General Assembly passed two separate bills that gave the green light to Kent County and the city of Dover each to impose an additional 3 percent lodging tax on hotels, motels and tourist homes.

• Time to vote out any who voted for this ridiculous added tax, which benefits only certain entities. — Ed Swetland

• NASCAR is already having trouble getting fans to show up. This is not a smart move. — Mark Schmalhofer

• While NASCAR does have two events each year, the area is more than the Dover Speedway. It covers all of Kent County and the city of Dover and Dover as well as Kent County have a lot more events than just NASCAR. Also Dover has the casino, which was just purchased by another company as the previous owner was losing money. The new owner immediately shut down the private poker area upstairs and poker is now only a few table downstairs with the rest of gambling options. So, at this point Dover is having issues with many of their events and attractions probably because people are already being taxed to death.

Prices continue to go up, salaries continue to remain the same, people who have been on the job for a few years are laid off and new, younger employees are hired at a much lower rate. FYI, It isn’t just Dover or Kent County or Delaware, it’s across the entire country. Debt is rising, income is dropping resulting in less available funds for extracurricular activities. That is not going to change any time soon. Not until all of the U.S. gets its act together and sets a realistic budget and cuts back on all the spending. — Victoria M. Olds

• From what I’ve read before about this bill the money generated from this tax is to go to the sports complex In Frederica. Haven’t the taxpayers helped this complex with all the road improvements designed primarily to provide easy access to the complex? Think this tax may end up having the opposite effect on tourism and attendance at the complex? The more expensive it is the more teams will look for other venues. And I thought this complex was supposed to be self sufficient! — Dan Maher

• Before you penalize the hotel industry when so many Airbnbs and full home rentals are hitting that market with no taxes being paid. Either do away with hotel taxes or put everyone on the same playing field. — Dennis Norwood

•So wow! Stay at a hotel in Dover and you get clobbered with a new 6% tax? What? State not going to take a 3% bite as well? This is some kind of messed up! — Gerald Jerry Rice

• “The Kent County Regional Sports Complex Corp., the self-described “nonprofit public/private partnership” that owns the DE Turf sports complex near Frederica.” This to me is a self-supporting facility that should not need additional funds from the government or am I totally misunderstanding nonprofit public/private partnership? And when Dover enacts its lodging tax, the tourists may decide Dover/Kent County is too expensive and not bother coming to visit. The races are having enough of an issue with dropping attendance, add in this and it could be a deal breaker! — Holly Hitzig

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