Speak Out: Protecting dogs

Legislation approved by the Senate Tuesday would outlaw dog owners from keeping their canines outside and unattended during hazardous weather.

Intended to protect dogs, the bill, which passed 15-4 with two senators absent, would establish civil penalties for violations.

• Love this!! But by the third offense, the animal should have been taken away from the owner given that they clearly don’t care. — Jamie Fritchman

• Like Colin (Bonini) stated, not every dog/breed dislikes cold weather. We have gun laws, yet folks violate the laws on a daily basis. So how many new dog marshals will it take to keep man’s best friend safe? — Howard Gaines III

• About time. These fines should also cover animals left in cars.— Lisa Garber

• Not your pet, not your business. — David A Gibson

• I’m not pro or con dogs on a rope provided they are not being abused (personally, I am against it as my dog is part of my family and I don’t put my dog in situations where I would not put a child or elderly adult)…what I am against is our state legislature making one more “feel good” “virture signaling” law that they do not back up with money.

The state pretty much did away with Animal Control and officers who can check on complaints of cruelty, so now they make another law they can’t enforce. They already have a law on the books about water, shelter, duration of barking allowed, dogs being under the watchful eye of someone, etc. they are very good at making laws. What they don’t do so well, is put their money where their mouth is. Why not find the money to make animal control/animal abuse officials more visible and viable? Why not try enforcing the laws we already have instead of making new ones? — Gene Thornton

• Just another form of overreach by our government. There are cold weather dogs, water dogs and dogs who just do not like to be indoors. Now the government is telling you they know your pet better than you do. Keeping the government clean is like keeping a baby clean…you need to change it on a regular basis. Time to get rid of those who want to chip away at our freedom. If you like having your whole like run by a bunch of greedy politicians, I suggest you move to Russia; I hear it’s a utopian society of government telling you what to do and how to do it. — Steel Ovaries

• If you have outdoor dogs, by law you must provide them with adequate shelter against the elements, food and water at all times.

Not the same as just tying your dog to a rope in the backyard and leaving it there for hours, or like the neighbor I had who had twi dogs that he left out on his back porch 24/7 year-round with no shelter. They were outside in the summer with just one little grubby water bowl that was filled once in the morning and food bowls that had ants crawling all over them. They were out in the winter when it was snowing and/or below freezing. He even left them out during a hurricane and would go away for a long weekend and leave them out with no food or water during the time he was gone. — Michele Lapinski

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