Speak Out: Purdue Pharma bankruptcy

Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy in the first step in a complex, multibillion-dollar plan by the maker of OxyContin to settle thousands of lawsuits brought against it by state and local governments over the nation’s deadly opioid disaster.

The company and members of the Sackler family, which owns it, expressed sympathy but not responsibility.

But the bankruptcy filing, made late Sunday, may not get either the drugmaker or the Sacklers off the legal hook.

About half the states and lawyers representing at least 1,000 local governments have agreed to the tentative settlement, which the company says could be worth $10 billion to $12 billion over time and would include at least $3 billion from the Sacklers.

•Big Pharma are the real pushers!! And every street drug, minus Marijuana, was created by Big Pharma. They are not in market to help you, they are in the market to help themselves. — Salli Fulkerson Saunders

•Quit manufacturing!! — Jayne Muchler Dick

•The company was never responsible for the actions of the people who abused the medication. 100’s of thousands of people were given the same medication and never became addicted. Because those people followed the directions. Because those people were responsible people who go through life being law abiding and responsible people. They didn’t sue a corporation looking for a payday so they can get more drugs. Responsible people don’t sue corporations to take advantage of a family members death because it’s easy money. Responsible people don’t take cases like these and call themselves professionals.

Welcome to Liberal America: where it’s everyone’s fault but your own and somebody has to pay for your own irresponsible behavior. — Steel Ovaries

•You’re assuming the politics of every single addict affected by the opioid epidemic?? — Ian Kowalewski

•why not? They assume conservatives are racist. Tit for tat. — Steel Ovaries

•The easy way out!!! The pill makers made incorrect claims!! They lied..to make $$$. — Lisette Gilbert Mees

•This is so asinine and ridiculous of an article it’s pathetic — Shyla Marie

•Yes, only go after the low level street dealers. Surely they’re the root of the problem. Never mind the fact that opioid use in this country has skyrocketed in the 18 years since we invaded Afghanistan and have been protecting the poppy fields there. Correlation isn’t causation, but that’s one hell of a context clue! 🤔 Let’s keep mocking addicts instead, and not actually solve the problem. — Ian Kowalewski

•They should NOT be off the hook. These manufacturers knowing lied to healthcare providers and the public about the addictive properties of their drugs. Then, they marketed them to doctors and patients like candy. Furthermore, fines are not enough. Serious prison time should happen, also. — Ian Kowalewski

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