Speak Out: Quid pro quo?

The White House acknowledged Thursday that President Donald Trump’s decision to hold up military aid to Ukraine was linked to his demand that Kyiv investigate the Democratic National Committee and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

The admission from acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney raised questions at the Justice Department and brought swift rebuke from Democrats, who cast his words as an admission of wrongdoing. Mulvaney said Trump did nothing improper because he was asking for help investigating a prior election, not seeking assistance with the 2020 contest. It’s illegal to seek or receive foreign help of value in a U.S. election.

• Trump did not receive anything of value. — Cindy West

• If I try to rob a bank but they happen to be out of money that day, I still get charged with bank robbery. — Michael McKain

• Read the transcript of the call — there is no mention of looking into general corruption, but into the conduct of Trump’s political opponents, specifically, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Asking a foreign government to aid a political party in our election while holding millions in military aid over their heads IS illegal. — Eddy Seger

• I think most of those commenting on this thread are clueless of who Svobada is, who supported that group and what was done as quid pro quo for helping that party take control of the Ukrainian government. Let alone what has happened under that party’s control. And why it is not longer in control. Bunch of armchair commentators that need to read more facts and stop being fed Trump-bashing BS.— Earl Lofland

• Mick Mulvaney’s days as the acting White House chief of staff are likely numbered. He accidentally committed a truth. But to his credit, he did try to get back on the president’s good side by providing a written lie, saying that he didn’t say what he is on video saying. So since he corrected the truth and is back to being a liar, his job may be safe. You can’t make this stuff up. — B.K. Smith

• Listen to the press conference yourself, that is NOT what was said! The Democrat-only garbage journalists continue to manipulate the truth. — Marc Auger

• I listened and watched and he explicitly said that it was quid pro quo just as everything else that is done by this administration. I think he thinks it’s normal since he is only the temp. If you didn’t get this, it’s because you are willfully ignorant! But hey, you’re in good company. — Darryl Normand

• Also, he doesn’t want to go to prison. — Paula Giordano

• Kirk Albertson That’s not what he said, but of course you’ll print what everyone else is printing because that’s what everyone wanted to hear. He was referring to another issue, then spoke a sentence on the DNC server, then went back to answer the other issue about corruption and the reason why the aid was held up. He was so scattered on his responses, it was difficult to keep up, so no post is better than one that assumes what he said. — Kirk Albertson.

• “I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant” — Robert McCloskey — Brian P Slattery

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