Speak Out: Raising smoking age

The Delaware House on Thursday passed legislation raising the age to purchase cigarettes, vapes, chewing tobacco and related items from 18 to 21. The measure, which was approved 25-16, now goes to Gov. John Carney, who is expected to sign it next week. The Senate passed the legislation 14-6 last month.

• This is ridiculous! So abortions at 16, no parental consent. Clean drug needles at 14, no parental consent. But you have to be 21 to buy any tobacco product? What a waste of tax dollars! — Dean Grabowski

• Because those are mutual exclusive. Smoking is horrible, and designed to get teens started. Abortions are none of your business. Clean needles has been effective in dropping HIV transmission. — Brian Scharf

• They’re gonna get them regardless — a battle as old as time itself. — Bobby Brown

• Great, now increase everything else to that age, including contracts and military service. So when does one become and adult? — Howard Gaines III

• One thing is for certain. Delaware residents are losing rights left and right. Time for change! — Richard Miller

• Every year the age should increase. We should be trying to teach and stop the habit! If you are already a smoker, you might want to help stop young people from smoking rather than encourage and make it more difficult to purchase. — Lisette Gilbert Mees

• Since you don’t believe adults under 21 can make their own decisions, let’s raise the voting age to 21. — Lou Bialota

• Well. Lets change the adult age to 21 now, since lawmakers feel that 18 isn’t adult enough to buy cigarettes. — Ashley Holzinger

• This bill will not stop under age smoking one bit. Waste of money and time. — Wes Johnson

• So our 18 year-old service members, whom we entrust with the security of this nation, multi-million dollar weapons systems, and the nation’s most important secrets, will now become criminals when they make a decision to light up a cigarette. Again, welcome to Delafornia-The Land of the Vanishing Freedoms. — B.K. Smith

• I’m all for it. It is a nasty habit that should be frowned upon in the same manner as picking your nose. — Calvin Sparks

• That sounds good but all of my friends that smoke want to stop but are addicted to the nicotine. It’s a habit they picked up. My cousin has tried to quit cigs more than four times. Would argue now it’s less of a choice for them. — Megan Ashley Hart

• I think this is great. Why not try to curb young people from making themselves sick? — Sabrina Kennedy

• I’m not a fan of cigarettes, But if someone is of age to serve in the military and perhaps give the ultimate for this country, Then 18 is good enough. We should ban flicking your used butts out the window of your car. It’s disgusting. — Scott Dabson

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