Speak Out: Raising the minimum wage

Democratic legislators are proposing to increase Delaware’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

A bill filed Friday would raise the minimum wage to $11 on Jan. 1, 2020, followed by a $1 raise at the start of each year until it hits $15 in 2024.

The current minimum wage of $8.75 increases to $9.25 per hour on Oct. 1.

• They did that in California and it’s terrible. The people who are already making that minimum wage won’t have their pay increased.— Jessie Rosamond

• The federal minimum wage is intended to ensure a fair and livable wage for the nation’s lowest-paid workers. However, according to a 2016 report by the Economic Policy Institute, it hasn’t really done that since 1968. If the federal minimum wage had grown in conjunction with American productivity, today’s workers would see more than $18 an hour — more than double the current federal standard. Business owners in Colorado and California were not impacted by the raise. In fact they benefited. People now have more money to spend and are thus more likely to purchase goods and services they never could before. — Erica Jones

• I’m certainly not against individuals earning more money but everywhere this has been done, it’s only led to cut jobs, cut benefits, reduced hours and generally leads to those who might benefit from this being hurt the most. We literally have studies out that prove this now. So why would anyone keep pushing for this is beyond anyone’s imagination. This is just more knee jerk feel good legislation from Dover that will only cause the opposite of what their intent was. — Shawn Knox

• Not really. When you pay workers enough to live on, they spend that money and that creates more jobs. When you give more money to the wealthy, they put it in their off shore accounts where it does nothing for the economy. — Gladys K. Adams

• It’s a starting wage. Not what you live on. It’s for kids in school, people just starting out and it doesn’t create more jobs. It costs jobs to automate, jobs get sent overseas. Look it up, and the wealthy are the ones who run and start up the businesses, hire folks and pay them, not the poor. — Michael Scott Fulcher

• I can’t get enough of the haters on raising the minimum wage. It slays me. It’s truly simple. Whether or not you want to face reality — when the cost of living goes up, wages need to go up too. Period. — Jordan Irazabal

And vice versa. Jobs will lay people off. Smaller business will go under. Don’t get me wrong, minimum wage should go up. But all other jobs should receive higher pay as well. People with bachelor’s degrees are making $15 an hour. — Hollybeth Oboryshko

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