Speak Out: Raising tobacco sales age in Delaware

Readers reacted to the a commentary headlined “Raising tobacco sales age to 21 will protect Delaware’s future” by Karyl T. Rattay, MD, MS, director of the Division of Public Health, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.

• Dr. Rattay, what’s your opinion on raising the drinking age to 25 or prohibiting alcohol and tobacco altogether? How about prohibiting sugar and other disease causing foods? How many lives will that save? Where do your justifications for the state controlling people’s personal lives end? — Sam Chick

• Pick one “adult” age and stick with it!! Adult movie ticket, marriage, consensual sex, contractual financial responsibility, driving, joining the military, smoking, drinking, voting. — Salli Fulkerson Saunders

• We should just make adulthood 21. No voting, no military services, no drinking, no smoking no adult rights until 21. We have dumbed down the youth so much that they need more years to catch up to yesterday’s youths’ maturity level. — Todd Ruckle

• More nannies, just what these young folks need. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• This is great and all. One less thing to have to worry about. Now all we have to worry about getting cancer from is the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat, oh and the shampoos and deodorant and sunblock and just about every other thing manufactured in this country. Smoking rates have dropped drastically over the years unfortunately cancer rates have not. — Christopher Joyce

• Listen, no matter what size boot, any government or agency places on the necks of the people, the people will still find ways to get what they want. But that is not something Statists see. They know only the application of government force as their trusted tool! — Chris Rowe

• Let’s raise the voting age too. Obviously someone who needs protection from their own stupidity should not pick the leaders of the world. — Kevin McGuinness

• “This is not about taking away personal choice. It is about saving lives and preventing lifelong diseases that can be entirely prevented by making the choice not to start using tobacco in the first place.” You just made the choice for the citizens. You took away freedom of choice for tobacco but encourage freedom of choice for abortion? — Kevin Outten

• Yeah about as well as outlawing drugs and guns. When all else fails, keep doing stupid laws. — Doug Poore

• The taxes that this state will lose will be felt. Maybe we should take the lost money out of the paychecks of those who voted for this law. — Nancy Retkowski Cushman

• Who cares if smoking causes cancer? It is on the package of smokes and pretty well known by the smokers themselves. You can’t walk down the street and catch cancer from someone. So I being a nonsmoker say if ya wanna smoke and get cancer and kill yourself early, then go for it. Because in the end when it is our time to come it is our time to go (the Man upstairs has his plan for us all). — Jon Arthur Judd

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