Speak Out: Recreational cannabis

Readers reacted to a recent letter headlined “The time has come for recreational cannabis”.

• The state police can’t stop people from getting their fifth, sixth or seventh DUI, and ya’ll think this will be any different? — Brian Watts

• Then what’s the difference if they make it legal? — Jess Mortillfem

• The law does not allow anyone to drink and drive at any level. There’s DUI and DWI. DUI is the legal limit. DWI is simply detection but below the legal limit. Both will lead to an arrest and conviction. A glass of wine at dinner will lead to a DWI — officer’s discretion. Smoking pot will not change enforcement. There are plenty of drivers already out there under the influence. be it alcohol or pot. The ones who generally get caught are stupid, speeding, wreckless and inattentive. Cops are already dealing with this and it’s not legal. Legalization will not result in increased workload or hardship. — Joe Bernard

• I think it is long past time to put cannabis on the same plane/level as alcohol and allow for recreational use (taxed and regulated). Honestly though, I think the writer might be exaggerating the $50M in potential tax revenue and I really don’t think that this alone should be a major contributing factor in the decision for legalization — “banking” on potential revenue has caused more problems in regards to the casinos. Don’t make the same mistake here, just go with whatever possible windfalls happen. — Dave Johnson

• Unless it’s used for medical reasons I see no other reason to take it. Why give the consumer another way to “forget their problems” when those problems come back once sober? —Michael Campbell

• Not really forget problems more like help cope with the stress from them. Yes medically everyone lives in pain, either mentally or physically. Find one person that is in complete bliss and not even have high blood pressure. Name one. — Andrew Phillips

•I see no reason to eat to the point of obesity, but there’s no law that prevents you from doing so. There are plenty of things people do just because they want to. People should have the freedom to decide what they put into their own bodies. — Rob Lowe

• A lot of false facts floating around in how awesome pot is. As far as all the money it will bring in, how about all the issues it will cause? We heard how the casinos would give the state all this money for schools. Well that was a lie and wrong. This would be the same! — John Greene

• The War on Drugs — mostly a war on marijuana — is at the heart of our country’s policy of mass incarceration. Many who seek to continue the War on Drugs say they do it out of concern for children. But incarcerating parents is tantamount to abuse of children. Then, when ex-inmates return to the community, they are second class citizens living in the war zones of the inner cities. They have little chance for meaningful education, employment, housing and even family life. The War on Drugs creates crime and violence, and is certainly ineffective at controlling drug use, as drugs are stronger, cheaper, and more available than ever. Legalizing marijuana will put an end to a harmful, costly and unnecessary policy. — Ken Wolski

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