Speak Out: Reviving death penalty

Lawmakers on Tuesday announced legislation to put capital punishment back in place nearly three years after the state’s top court struck down the death penalty law. The bill is expected to be filed in the coming days.

• You may not kill in my name or with my money. You must be prepared to refund the per citizen portion of my taxes that ultimately funds the administration of capital punishment. No ifs, ands, or buts. — Larry Linden

• If you want me to pay for illegals with my tax money, you can pay for evil criminals to receive justice. Shyla Lyons

• I don’t want my tax money used to pay for someone to live their life out in jail with no possibility of parole that has committed a capital murder offense. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• To all of you saying no to the death penalty, my guess is you would feel differently if some monster raped, tortured and dismembered your loved one. Just sayin’. — Erin Chronister

• Yes! There has to be some kind of deterrent, obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working! — Joseph Daniels

• You mean how the courts are dropping 71% of gun charges? — Mark Schmalhofer

• Bring them back but swiftly. This is about murderers being on death row for decades. Why? — Esmeralda Cortes

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