Speak Out: Right-lane law

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Samuel B. Hoff where he stated “A proposal by Delaware State Sen. Bryan Townsend (D-Newark/Bear) to force drivers within the state to stay in the right lane under most circumstances, SB 185, is well-intended but has both practical and constitutional challenges.”

• “We can hope that citizens traveling in the left lane at a slower-than-allowed pace will get the message through lights, the horn, or close pursuit, thereby dismissing the perception that such legislation is necessary.” If people could be trusted to do what they are supposed to do then we wouldn’t need any laws. State troopers can’t enforce it because a lack of resources? Too busy checking for turn signals? Best argument: not constitutional. If you can’t handle two or more lanes, just stick to the back roads. — Christopher Foxwell

• Do we really need a law for people to move over so some jerk from New Jersey can barrel through at 90 mph? I get it, I really do, but I can’t remember the last time I was ever stuck behind someone in the left lane that wasn’t at least doing the speed limit. — Dave Fisher

•By law the left lane is a passing lane only. So pass safely and get over to the right safely. It is not that hard to understand and follow. basic common laws of driving in “any” state. Left-hand travelers should be fined, and I agree with another’s comment, if u can’t comprehend then take the country back roads. — Pamela L Zienneker

• Everyone cannot be in the right lane on a two-lane highway going the same speed. It just doesn’t physically work. Like Route 141. — April Williams

• Drive on the interstate then tell me. I was stuck behind someone for a good five miles going 50 in a 70 with a line of truckers to the right. Uncalled for and bogging up traffic very quick. This law is needed. — James Daniel Bennett III

• We use Route 1 all the time too and see it every time. To just hang out in the fast lane when there is no one near you in the right lane is dangerous, inattentive, thoughtless and selfish. — Kathy Spring Jordan

• I remember getting pulled over in Georgia back in the 70s. The cop said “Young lady, I don’t know how y’all drive up in Delaware but down here the left lane is used for passing! You’ve been backing up traffic for the last two miles.” He let me off but I never forgot that lesson. Totally makes sense to me, especially when I am stuck behind two cars doing exactly the same speed limit. — Janelle Higgins

• This law is for people who want to go slower than the people going in the left lane. Regardless of the speed, people should not be sitting or riding same speed as right lane in the left lane. It’s an emergency vehicle lane and a passing lane.— Ryan Lawson

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