Speak Out: Riot charges dropped

The Delaware Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it will not pursue the pending charges against the remaining inmates accused of perpetrating the deadly riot at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in February 2017.

•Folks. We need complete video coverage in the prisons. It’s nuts they can not get enough video evidence to convicts these murderers. — Todd Ruckle

• I’ve said that from the beginning of this horrific crime. I was so frustrated during the beyond lengthy investigation. I just felt like it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did because all the evidence and criminals were still right under their nose. This kind of thing is going to continue to happen because they pulled off the first time and basically got away with it. They took a man’s life and what do they get in return besides an ego that’s going to make them continue the behavior? I feel sorry for all the employees and especially the correctional officers. The correctional officers don’t really even have anything on their body to protect themselves from these animals. I’m not saying that every prisoner is a animal either I’m saying the ones that participated in this horrendous murder are animals. — Haley Mills Morris

• It’s not just Delaware letting people get away with crimes,It’s all across this country. They slam down these sentences then suspend them to pretty much nothing. — Marshall Ellsworth

• Where is the justice for the victims and their families? This opens up a whole other issue at the prisons with this call. There will be more problems now that they know that nothing will happen to them. — Sarah Mullin

• Is it any wonder our crime rate is so high? The criminals know the current “justice system” is in their favor! Such a travesty! Sickening! — Norma Prettyman

• This is the same as saying go ahead and do it again because it is not worth the time and trouble for the state legal system to be involved! More importantly, what does this tell the families of those killed and injured during the riot? They are/were not worth the time and trouble. Current prisoners see a green light to do it again! So sad.— Holly Hitzig

• So, the state has declared a bunch of prison inmates are smarter than the prosecutors and investigators. I guess that’s easier than actually working harder to decide what happened. Why wasn’t the FBI called in to assist the state?

Why aren’t the legislators and lawmakers than run this state outraged at this decision? I would be and I am. Maybe they are too busy trying to give Jimmy and Wanda that work at McDonalds a $3 raise. Oh wait, didn’t they, just last week, relax the penalties even further for another list of felonies? I guess the bottom line is, the millions of dollars in damage, millions of dollars that we have to pay the inmates because they sued and the life that was lost didn’t really happen. — Dave Duncan

• How utterly, utterly demoralizing for all the DOC prison staff, their families and victims. — Patty Ditto

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