Speak Out: Rising gas prices

Typically, fall brings lower gasoline demand which usually pushes prices at the pumps down.

However, in the wake of attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia last weekend, gasoline prices at the pump in Delaware and across the nation are on the rise.

The average cost of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline in Delaware on Friday was $2.493 per gallon. Nationally, the average was $2.669 per gallon, an increase of 10 cents since Sept. 16.

•Yesterday it was $2.55 in Harrington & $2.49 in Milford. — Sue Ryan

•It could be worse you could live in ny 2.75 for regular in ny — Brian Michael

•Wages are higher though — Tyler Mock

•Delaware gouging gas prices even though we don’t depend on the saudis for oil anymore — Willy Beal

•Oil is sold on the world market. Blame capitalism and the stock market for the increase in oil prices, not Delaware. — Dale Lambert

•No new refineries — AB Dorsey

•Don’t be dumb and blame capitalism and the stock market. It went up because Iran bombed Saudi oil fields.

•That’s as dumb as blaming guns for a shooting. You must be a leftist. — Ryan Fenimore

•It’s a scam as usual. The US is now the largest petroleum producer in the world thanks to fracking and the Permian basin. — Jim Sawchak

•Due to the bombing of the Saudi Oil facility. Has effect on global markets based on speculation of supply and demand — Richard Miller

•The Saudi’s have already stated that they will be back to full production with 30 days of the attack, 50% of which has already come back online. Does anyone keep up with the real news anymore? — Shawn Knox

•What’s the point in complaining about gas prices anyways? Want to do something about maybe consider mass transit or a bicycle. 🤷It sucks, but we still buy regardless.— James Daniel Bennett III

•Already on the way down — Douglas Paul

•Yup, gonna keep going up thanks to Trump threatening Iran — Melissa Epperly

•The answer few want to talk about is getting away from our reliance on fossil fuels, and moving very quickly towards 100% reliance on renewable, clean energy.

— Eric Morrison for State Representative

•Has gas ever been above $3.00 a gallon since Trump took office?? Yet Osama pillaged the American people and allowed the Arabs to rape us with high oil prices. To hell with democrats… TRUMP TRAIN!!! — Eric Fibelkorn

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