Speak Out: Rising health care costs

Lawmakers on the Joint Finance Committee this week spent part of their time with health officials discussing the state’s high spending on health care, with Delaware Health and Social Services Secretary Kara Odom Walker, saying Delaware does not receive adequate results for the money it invests in health care. The state both pays more than it should and has a less healthy population compared to the nation at large, she said.

• Why do state employees and retirees get lumped in with Medicaid when it comes to the rise in costs. Let’s separate the two and then deal with the issues. Retirees are governed by federal Medicare regulations not state regulations when it comes to what is covered and where they go for treatment. Only when you separate the employee/retiree benefit package from the Medicaid program can you truly get the picture of where the problem lies. — Bob Skuse

• So forcing insurance companies to pay more cost through Obamacare, while at the same time allowing insurance company after insurance company to merge into each other, and while keeping all policies specific to each state and not allowing the crossing of state line isn’t working out for the state? Huh, what a shock, who could of seen that coming from 100 miles away? — Marc Auger

• So this is the calm before the storm, make cheaper rates then tax the hell out of us just like New Jersey is doing to folks.— Donna M. Padden

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