Speak Out: Russia probe document altered?

President Donald Trump on Friday touted news reports that a former FBI lawyer is suspected of altering a document related to surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser in 2016.

The finding is part of a Justice Department inspector general investigation into the FBI’s probe of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release a report on Dec. 9, and witnesses in the last two weeks have been invited in to see draft sections of that document.

• It’s about time! Let justice be inflicted all the way to the top! — Terry Duffy

• One poor, low-level attorney is going to take the hit for all of them. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• That low down attorney will squeal like a pig and give up his bosses for a plea deal.— Kevin Farrell

• The article says that the IG knew about this and still said there was good reason for the surveillance. Trump is using his tiny hands to grasp at straws. — Stephanie Hart

• If someone broke the law? Indict But that won’t change the fact that the Trump and his syndicate knew, encouraged and accepted meddling in the 2016 election and that they are attempting to extort Ukraine to do the same thing. — Tee Brat

• Lots of people going down, and even more when those indicted start implicating others. It’s gonna be great to watch. — Kevin Farrell

If someone pushed up to the edge of a line, that doesn’t give you permission to ride over the line with a Mack truck and destroy the line. We live in a rule of law society. Investigate all of it, but at least acknowledge the difference that one of these situations destroys our democracy. And I might add, extreme retaliation is Trump’s signature move. So what I describe has “pattern” all over it. — Patricia Marie Diienno

• I wonder who directed him to do this? — Mark Schmalhofer

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