Speak Out: Russian agent?

President Donald Trump denied Monday he ever worked for Russia, answering a question he declined to directly address over the weekend.

• And he would never lie! — John Anderson

• Still no evidence. This whole crazy narrative is the result of Democrat extremists, liberal media and corrupt FBI members. — Scott Berry

• Yet without the report, or any facts or evidence of any kind, you believe it’s true. — Jim Kelley

• To actually believe he was a Russian agent is all but ludicrous. Just like people calling him Hitler, Hitler killed millions, Trump zero! All these completely asinine accusations without a shred of evidence. You want to talk about wasting taxpayer dollars, two- years and $30 million later they have zero evidence, and have locked up a handful of people that evaded taxes 10-15 years ago. Yeah that has something to do with being a Russian agent. — Richard Miller

• Without a shred of evidence?! Boy, oh boy are you turning a blind eye. Manafort, Kelly, and even his own son have ties to meeting with Russia! I really think you Trump sycophants have a big problem with accepting the reality that you vote for and support a narcissistic con. He duped you! He is not going to save you. He cannot even save himself! — Gary Greer

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