Speak Out: Safe storage gun bill

House Bill 63 would expand the existing offense of unlawfully permitting a minor access to a firearm, turning it into a much broader one based off allowing someone who is younger than 18 or prohibited from having a gun due to a felony conviction, a mental illness or a court order to acquire a loaded firearm.

Properly storing a gun would include keeping it in a locked box, having a trigger lock engaged or leaving it “in a location which a reasonable person would have believed to be secure from access by an unauthorized person.” A gun owner who has his or her firearm stolen through an unlawful entry would not be guilty of a crime.

• There’s that word “reasonable”. In other words subjective to the judge or prosecutor’s definition. If you teach your children about gun safety and responsibility you don’t need the government. My 11-year-old is a great shooter, and when she is home alone has the means to defend herself. Government be damned. But yes they are locked up. — Brian Watts

• This is a setup for the next Delaware government person who needs big score to move up the chain to hammer a law-abiding person and nail them by using this bill pushed by Sean Lynn and the other socialist Democrats. — John Greene

• Shouldn’t the same storage requirements be implemented for drugs, since they are killing more people in Delaware than guns? — Jim Price

•It doesn’t matter how this bill was amended, it is still unconstitutional and yet a majority of legislators believe they have a right to interfere in our homes and make it impossible to protect our families. — Cheryl Precourt

• When can we expect to see the General Assembly and this administration adopt a law which protects the citizens of Delaware from the invasive meddling of their government? — R Howard Anthony

• USA needs to go the way of Australia, whose tight gun laws were passed one year after the 1996 Port Arthur, Tasmania massacre. Australia not had one mass murder incident since then. And her incidence of suicides and crime has been reduced. Had U.S. done so after kids were murdered at Columbine High School, Colorado massacre in 1999, we could have had similar results. We still need to close gun show loophole, ban every weapon of mass destruction at the very least. Sooner rather than later, mass murderers will kill Delawareans. — Kathleen Robertson

• There is not now nor ever had been a “gun show loophole”. The old “Australia” worship has proven a nightmare to its citizens that your hallowed MSM hasn’t reported. Chicago has made it virtually impossible for an honest citizen to obtain and keep a firearm. How is that working out? It’s a sad day when citizens of the greatest nation flock to a Pied Piper without ever using common sense. — George Roof

• Hold criminals accountable and no plea bargains. Dont throw gun crimes out to catch the drug dealers. All this unconstitutional law does is give us more reason to sue. Stepping on law-abiding citizens’ toes does not do one thing to stop crime. Admit it, we all see what’s happening and lying to the public about guns has run its course. A sick-minded person will use any means available. — Ed Wingate

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