Speak Out: Second Amendment debate

Readers reacted to recent Letter to the Editor headlined “A closer look at the Second Amendment.”

• In the olden days when I was in high school a large amount of kids had their guns in their vehicles. Not one shooting. If anyone thinks we will be safer by not allowing law-abiding citizens to be armed we need not look any further then Venezuela and what happened in a decade. — Jimmy Biggs

• Come and try to take em is all I have to say at this point. These people that stand behind these ridiculous gun laws obviously are just following the leader and have no real sense of security. — Cody Waters

• Somehow a well regulated militia is actually supposed to mean criminals and crazy people shouldn’t have guns (maybe in “olden days” words had different definitions).

Read the first part of the Second Amendment to the Constitution: “a well regulated militia”; I believe this means that there should and must be laws in place to prevent criminals and mentally unstable people from owning guns; are we saying that the members of groups like the NRA are a well-regulated militia?” — Christopher Foxwell

• Militia — a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in emergency situations. That means we the people take over for the military in emergency situations. If we have no weapons how are we to defend this country? Look it up! — Rich McNaught

• Why not erect a “Gun Free Zone” sign on your front lawn? Could it be that whatever common sense you may or may not have tells you that such a sign would surely invite criminals to kick in your door? Oh, you’d call 91️1️? No doubt the police would turn on their blue lights and siren and get to your house in time to string up some of that attractive yellow crime scene tape and take a thorough report.

I have zero illusions about arming myself against the government with your so-called assault weapons because I promise you they have the technology to easily outgun even the most well armed among us. Inalienable Rights: those rights of every man/woman that cannot be taken or given away. I have an inalienable right to protect my own life and the responsibility to protect my family. Gun laws have done zero to stop criminals from possessing and utilizing guns in the commission of crimes and even more restrictive laws will only make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens and make them even more vulnerable to criminals who will prey on them. — Chris Wolfe

• The 1st Amendment was written with quills, inkwells, and on parchment. If you’re going to argue that the Constitution didn’t intend today’s modern firearms, stop using your computer to write your letters. — Mark Blair

I’m not sure the person who wrote this letter even understands one simple fact. Nowhere in the Eonstitution or laws of any state does any federal or state agency have the requirements of protecting life or liberty. This is not my opinion, this is fact. There are plenty of Supreme Court cases the support this fact. I challenge anyone to prove this wrong. — Bill Dunn

• Perhaps you are not familiar with state charters that provide such to state and local police agencies. — Susan Janis

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