Speak Out: Senate Bill 22

Readers reacted to Senate Bill 22, which would give Delaware’s electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote nationwide. The state Senate passed legislation on Thursday and it now moves to the House.

• I guess if you can’t win the election fairly, you just change the rules. The electoral college has worked just fine all these years but because Trump won they want to change it. — Wayne Whitby

• The electoral college has, twice in the last several elections, elected a Republican who did not win the popular vote. This should worry you, but it doesn’t because it benefits your views. The electoral college weighs voters so that if you live in one state your votes may count as several hundred votes more then someone else. It creates “battleground states” that prefers one state’s people over another. This is literally one person, one vote. — Craig Walter

• The popular vote doesn’t choose a president for a reason. We need an American president — not a Californian or New York president. — Chris Werner

• If you live in one of the big states, I can understand the residents feeling their votes count less in the electoral college. So let’s address that: divide up California into smaller states. Then their residents’ votes would count more than they do now. — Stephanie Steckel

• Another way for the Democratic Party to circumvent the Constitution! They will stop at no ends to gain power under the guise of doing it for the citizens. — Mike Steindl

• Won’t work, that’s not how we were founded! Be careful, the Supreme Court is getting ready to straighten up all the bad laws and no one can stop it now. — Matty Cerillo

• We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. To undermine a key component of our constitution opens the door for every other part to be ripped to shreds. We already see this happening in every other constitutional issue. Americans concerned about voter fraud, non citizens voting, or immigrants and refugees who wish to bring their system of law should be vastly concerned with switching to a popular vote. There are already towns in the country where non-citizens make up the majority. Should this change pass, we are facing a serious breakdown in the country we know today. It is a sad world when people can’t see past today in hopes to gain immediate satisfaction. — Lisa Bell

• Wow. Let’s just tear up the Constitution while we are at. Get ready folks. Los Angeles and New York City will now control the entire country. Brilliant! We are not a democracy. We are a republic! — Michael Riemann

• Let’s say hypothetically that if Trump decides to run again and he wins the popular vote and Delaware and all these other states who are throwing temper tantrums are then forced to give their electoral college votes to Trump. Will they then be crying foul or rushing to change their laws again? Realistically he hasn’t lost his base and he has only been gaining support in the polls with demographics that usually vote Democrat so this could actually play out as described. — Shawn Knox

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