Speak Out: Senate Bill 50

Readers reacted to the recent commentary “SB 50 is an ‘unprincipled slippery slope’” Delaware Senate Bill 50 would grant authority to the Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC) to impose a new statewide tax to endow a DTCC infrastructure fund. It was put on hold last week:

• More taxes? How about liberals find a way to reduce expenses. I know balancing a check book requires thinking logically instead of succumbing to emotion as liberals are prone to do, but seriously; grow up. — Willy Beal

•Willy, your boy Trump is increasing your national expenses, including with his personal travel and his wall, while cutting taxes for the rich and corporations, meaning less revenue coming in, increasing the deficit. So why don’t you go to D.C. and teach him how to balance a checkbook? — Bennett Oberfeld

• I paid for my college education. I paid for my children’s college education. Now I am forced to pay for other children’s college education. I had to work to pay for my family’s education. Why don’t the parents of these that are getting free education by the proposed tax from me go to work? — Nick DiGirolamo

• Sad to say it, but you’ve been paying for Delaware colleges for decades. They all come to the state for money every year. Besides, HB 50 died a quick death just the other day. — Dan Fluman

• They withdrew the bill from CURRENT consideration. Watch out for a June end run, during the chaotic last days of this session. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Just keep one in each county. The only other option for kids in Sussex to receive any post high school graduation is either a really expensive U of D or go to Salisbury University, where they would have to pay out-of-state tuition. Keep the campuses. Figure out a way to quit overpaying everyone. —Doug James

• Close some campuses. We don’t need two of them in New Castle County. Close either Dover or Georgetown. Delaware is small enough that two campuses are all we really need. The rest of it is pork barrel politics. — John Scoggin

• Great letter — completely agree. What vexes me is how such a suggestion to implement a statute authorizing such a tax could even gain traction among our elected state officials. Were there no grown-ups in the room at the time? —Michael Pepper

• I agree with you completely and I wrote and suggested that they cut pay or raise tuition or both. There evidently needs to be some oversight over DTCC. — Tim Shepperson

• Under Lonnie George, the spending on him was unlimited, but left by the wayside for the items now under discussion. Now we have another political favorite in the head seat, pleading for millions more in public funds. Typical Delaware cronyism. And how much is Lonnie really collecting from state coffers, given his former position as Speaker of the House? HB 50 would have opened the coffers for even more prolonged looting of private wallets for the Delaware Way. — Delaware Does It People Politics and Policy in the First State

• I oppose SB 50. No unelected board should have authority to tax citizens. —Dennis Eck

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