Speak Out: Setting the rules

Democrats set forth a package of ground rules for their impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump through a sharply divided House Thursday, the chamber’s first formal vote in a fight that could stretch into the 2020 election year.

• I’m tired of Congress doing nothing but wasting time. Get it over with so we (and you) can get back to work.— Chris Behrens

• Wait, so what have they been doing? They’ve been calling people in for questioning with out permission from the full House? — Julianne Shockley

• That’s what committees do! Democrats have the majority in the house and they are playing by the rules. — Carol Townsend

• American Voters 2016: We are sick and tired of the corruption and useless Congress, voted in Trump for a change.

Democrats to American Voters Since 2016: How dare you vote in Trump, nothing will change and we will get rid of him.

American Voters 2020: Time to clean house of all these obstructionist radical Democrats! — Marc Auger

• Thirty- Republican seats are being vacated by either early resignation or deciding not to run again. So the red is literally going to be waving as they leave office. — Eddie Curley

• Three years and tens of million wasted dollars, that will be all for nothing. — John P. Leech

• Open and transparent investigative proceedings by the permanent select committee on intelligence. Yet all the previous investigation was done behind closed doors. And you want the public to believe the left is transparent? Let’s hope they are in 2020 as in no longer ever holding the gavel in the U.S. House or Senate for the next 100 years! — Earl Lofland

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