Speak Out: Shifting left?

A Sunday story said Democratic lawmakers are making good on campaign promises and pushing a variety of initiatives important to their base. So far this year, legislators have introduced or pledged to introduce bills that would expand voting access, reform the criminal justice system, raise the age to buy tobacco products, create stricter gun control and legalize marijuana.

• I hope Delaware voters read that twice, real slowly…so it sinks in. And then add the national DNC “platform initiatives.” Is that what we want to become? — Michael Pepper

•Expand voting access for illegals so they get more votes. Reformed criminal justice by decreasing punishments. And increasing the smoking age while pushing for the voting age to be decreased. Stricter gun control for law-abiding citizens while they catch and release criminals who are charged with possession by a person prohibited. When will they realize that criminals do not follow laws, therefore, gun laws only decrease our ability to protect ourselves against them? I hate that this state is completely controlled by this party. — Jackie Veal Cates

• It’s time to stop creating taxes and fees that affect the middle class and make life easier for the working man. — Doug Drummond

• Their gun control plans only affect the law-abiding peaceable citizens. Criminals don’t care about their silly gun laws. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Taking more citizens’ rights away while opening up voting to illegals? Is that the agenda for the people or against the people? — Dan Jorna

• How about education??? Why isn’t Dover worried about educating our youth here in Delaware? — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• A shift? This state has been blue for a looooong time. There are a multitude of other states if it hurts your sensibilities. — Jess Mortillfem

• I am ashamed of our legislators in Dover. They have done nothing to improve the lives of everyday Delawareans. All partisan legislation rammed through by the majority party. — Clint Brothers

• I will never understand Democrats, they stand behind Planned Parenthood 100 percent, then they fight for little immigrant kids that want to sneak into our country. Are they really for the American people? — Stephen Terrance Herd

• You don’t have to reform the criminal justice system or gun laws. Just start enforcing the laws we already have and stop letting gun crimes be plea bargained down to spitting on the sidewalk. The police do a great job of cleaning up the streets, but our courts just let them right back out. — Chris Behrens

• Do you know why these people are in charge? Because they do a better job getting people out to vote than the Republicans. Because they stay united as a party. Because if you’re a Democrat, your a Democrat. If you’re a Republican you might be Independent, 9-12, Federalist, ….. and the list goes on. If all the non-Democrats can come together, we could control the state. — Kevin McCarthy

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