Speak Out: ‘Show of a lifetime’

President Donald Trump is promising the “show of a lifetime” on the National Mall for the Fourth of July.

Trump is marshalling tanks, bombers and other machinery of war for this year’s Independence Day celebration. It’s an event that is traditionally light on military might, and critics have accused the president of using America’s military as a political prop.

• Trump 4th? I thought it was a celebration for the USA. Can you honestly say if Ms. Clinton called for a parade there would be protests? — William Chip McDaniel

• It’s not a Trump rally. It’s celebrating America. — Maureen McCartan Harris

• I can celebrate America just fine, without an expensive, potentially harmful to the roads, attempt to show off parade.— Jennifer Foster

• It’s about his ego. He sees leaders like Kim order military parades and now he wants one too. What he’s ordering last minute is nationalism, not patriotism. — Holly Overmyer

• It is for the people of the Untied States of American! — Anita Hubble Reich

• When did a holiday to celebrate our country’s independence become “Trump’s July 4”? Why does he want us to be Russia or North Korea? He will not be satisfied until he has our troops goose-stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue. I love our country and the troops have my love, respect and support. Many family members in the service. — Leslie Vinnedge Cournoyer

• I love that we are celebrating our nation and those who keep her safe. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• You go hang out with North Korea and now we model our parades after theirs Isn’t there only two tanks out there? Pshhh, Middletown has two tanks at all times on display.— Eddie Curley

• OK, let’s see. One is a humanitarian issue. The other resembles the workings of a para-military government or a communist wannabe. Pick your poison. — Dennis Norwood

•So just because Communist countries have military parades that means we can’t or we will be labeled as Communist. It’s not a humanitarian issue to reward people who broke our laws with free health care when our own citizens and veterans still pay for their own. That military budget is what keeps us safe. — Brandy Shelton-Poore

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