Speak Out: State of the State

During Thursday’s State of the State address, Gov. Carney teased initiatives he will push this year, including raising the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21, banning certain homemade firearms and giving state employees a pay increase, and also stumped for changes he has already backed, such as expanding ballot access and providing more funding for students who live in poverty or aren’t native English speakers.

• When it says “pay increase” does it mean teachers as well? — Andrew Walls

• I hope he is thinking about legalizing recreational cannabis, taxing it and collecting those monies to help pay for better teachers, infrastructure repairs, reforming welfare, deporting those here illegal and supporting the 2nd Amendment according to the oath he took when he took office. — Willie Preacher

• Who is going to pay Oh yeah, people who work and pay taxes! — Timmy Harmon

• Why not make 21 the legal age? Not that i support that, but you want to tell people that you are an adult at 18 but yet you can buy smokes, buy a gun, have a beer etc. So just make 21 the legal age. Oh yea, they can join the military and die for your way of life. — Bob Hice

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