Speak Out: State worker pay

Readers react to a Delaware State News story on data showing 120 county employees are set to earn six-figure salaries this year, according to data from the three counties.

•What is the obsession with public employee pay? Why are they not allowed to be sufficiently paid without shame? Investigate overblown salaries, sure; this, however, is ridiculous. — Benjamin Black

•These salaries are barely even competitive when compared to positions of similar stature and responsibility in the private sector. There is no real story here, just a salacious and misleading headline, and for that, both the paper and those who were fooled by the headline and didn’t read further should be ashamed. — Andie Davis

•County (even though they receive state money) seems to be able to budget increases for county employees every year but yet the State budget hardly ever does for their employees. — James Elocin

•And the rest of us aren’t making a living wage soooo why focus on the 1%!? ­— Jennifer Harper

•I suspect the obsession comes from those people who are jealous of those who have marketable skills and experience they will never have. — Larry Josefowski

•And I bet half of them don’t do anything. Free money — Stephen Terrance Herd

•Annual income required to be in the top one percent in 2017: $342,699 — Tim Dodd

•Dave Bonar — I love it when people complain about the salaries of public employees then say they do nothing..most of those making executive level salaries could be making twice that in the private sector.

Many of them work weekends and holidays and often at night.

You often hear complaints about elected officials, who usually hold full time jobs as well as fulfilling their elected responsibilities. These people dedicate themselves to their constituents. You never hear about the poor people they help, or the streets, streetlights and sidewalks they get fixed.

If you think all that’s easy, try tagging along with them for a week or so.

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