Speak Out: Statewide property tax

In a Sunday commentary, Sen. Colin Bonini wrote of his opposition the proposed first statewide property tax in Delaware history. This tax will fall under the direction of, and provide benefit to, Delaware Technical Community College.

•State cost-saving idea: Remand DelDOT’s jurisdiction over local roads/subdivision streets in unincorporated areas to the Counties. Let land use and transportation be more comprehensively handled under one roof. It was a mistake to not do this post-WWII when suburban expansion exploded. — MK Boyce

•It isn’t property tax. It is yearly rent. If you miss a payment they will confiscate you legally owned property. —

• Absolutely correct. Float a bond for investors to purchase. – Art Del Duca

Definitely not in favor of this bill. We, the taxpayers already subsidize DelTech through the SEED Program along with whatever tax money they receive through the state budget. Why haven’t they properly maintained these properties? Think maybe that maintenance was deferred to new buildings instead. Need to find another way to pay for this needed and apparently overdue maintenance. Maybe you should consider a tuition and/or fee increases — UD did it to me every semester. Let those that utilize the facilities pay for them and make DelTech set a regular maintenance schedule to keep the buildings and equipment in good repair, as well as extend their useful life! — Dan Maher

• I could not disagree with you more. And as my state senator ask that you stop this campaign to defund DelTech. — Gary W Duren

• This isn’t a defunding if we’re not already funding them in the first place! We continue to pay rising school taxes on our properties and we no longer have school-aged children. We feel those with kids in the public school system, including DTCC, should help out more — especially those who rent! — Karen Cross Ward

• The people who run it receive more in salary then my mortgage payment per year. Get a loan like the rest of us have too. — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• Yes make us pay more for our oversaturated moldy lots of land so we can live here and not be able to enjoy our state because the only people this state is concerned about are the ones in office and the tourists. — Casie Shea

• Great article. I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and it used to look a lot like Kent County when I was a kid. Not anymore. All the farms sold off to developers and in came the new roads, new stores, new schools and HUGE tax bills. They taxed all the seniors out of the community. I see it all starting again here and it breaks my heart. DTCC needs to figure this one out on their own. — Melissa Mann

• Why should senior citizens be hurt over this? — Judith Mitchel Cleaver

• Updated property assessments are long overdue. Nobody wants to pay more, but there are many who are so as to subsidize those whose homes have not been reappraised in decades. Stop the lies and get on with it. — Susan Janis

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