Speak Out: Sussex DUI court?

A Sunday story reported that while Sussex County has about 40 percent the population that New Castle does, it was the scene of more arrests in 2017-18. More than 84 percent of DUI dismissals came in Sussex County Court of Common Pleas.

The Department of Justice believes a specialized DUI court is needed in Sussex, and supports potential funding and resources to establish it.

Delaware’s Supreme Court recently cited the substantial increases in Sussex County the past several years, noting a lack of case reviews and relatively longer time taken to resolve matters.

• Maybe because Kent and New Castle are residential, and Sussex has all the drunk partying out-of-state beach vacationers? — Chris Behrens

Try reading the article, maybe? “Sussex DUI arrests do not vary greatly from month to month throughout the year, according to the DOJ.” — Leigh Ulrich

• So Sussex has 84% of the DUI dismissals. I’m sure you’ve seen those news stories from Georgetown about drivers getting arrested for their eighth offense. Perhaps the problem isn’t the location, and it’s really the weak legal system that keeps releasing them back on the streets to repeat the offense? — Chris Behrens

• Lock them up after the first DUI. Problem solved. — Bobby Brown

• More people are using marijuana. — Ruth Marie Bertrand

• And we keep building breweries. — Sallie Rolph

• I’m betting the people picked up aren’t drinking the $10 a glass IPAs. — Holly Overmyer

• Look at all the locals pointing fingers elsewhere. — Danielle Levredge

• Because there’s no consequence here for anything. — Jackie Veal Cates

• Could be because Uber and Lyft aren’t as readily available? — Lana Mirkovic Butler

• Public transport in general is more readily available up state for sure. — Carl Peters

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