Speak Out: Taking a toll

Citing safety and citizen concerns, the Delaware and Maryland Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Units worked together to target commercial vehicles bypassing the new U.S. 301 toll road, authorities said.

The two-day operation was conducted on Feb. 28 and March 1. During the operation, 85 commercial motor vehicles were stopped and found to be bypassing the tolls.

•Thats 85 potential lost customers for Middletown and the truck stop. If they are attempting to avoid the toll they’ll find a different route eventually. And I’m sure it’s not a big deal now since Middletown’s population is growing but all good things come to an end. I’m not a truck driver but my new route through Delaware avoids the toll. Four dollars each way for a half-mile stretch is excessive. — Cesar Ocampo

• Sad part is they built the new toll 301 and force trucks to pay the toll yet DelDot doesn’t seem to be fixing any potholes in New Castle County. — Dennis Smith

• Not in Kent county either. Truckers use our road now because they can’t go through Harrington. Our road is supposed to be resurfaced sometime this year. I actually invited the Governor to drive down it in his personal vehicle. He declined. — Suzanne Collison

• Trucks already pay road tax for every mile they drive in each state. So a toll road they are paying twice! — Jason Parker

• Many truck drivers are independent self-employed drivers. They are trying to keep down their expenses. — Debi Rucker

• What is the legal way around the toll? Down Route 13 to Smyrna and west to 301? That would run more than $13 in fuel. I understand the need to keep large trucks away from busy town centers but as a commercial driver I think Delaware does an awful job of targeting trucks for inspections. Why on earth is the main scales for the state on Rt. 13? Why are there no inspections on farm trucks? Ninety percent of them are accidents waiting to happen. — Andrew Dale

• As a car driver, it seems impossible to get out of Middletown to connect with Route 301 in Maryland without getting on Del. 301 at Route 299 and paying a $4 toll to go about two miles. Am I missing something? From what I’ve seen online the northbound tolls are graduated according to where you get on. Why not southbound as well? — Jack Dirr

•If you want truckers to use the new 301 toll road then make trucks toll-exempt for it. Why should trucks have to pay a toll to maintain the upkeep of a road when Delaware already makes us pay a heavy road tax which is roughly $550 dollars a year per truck? Thats on top of the $1,400 one pays yearly, per truck, for tags if you have an 18-wheeler. Are all these cars paying their fair share to use the road? All these costs for fuel taxes, tags, heavy road tax, etc., just get passed on to the consumers because 80 percent of the items you use, buy or consume every day came on a truck.— Shawn Knox

• People need to realize police are not stopping trucks from bypassing the bypass. They are just enforcing existing laws and fines they otherwise usually turn a blind eye to. — Susan Janis

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