Speak Out: Tariff tussle

Abandoning his threat to immediately seal the southern border, President Donald Trump warned instead on Thursday that he’d slap tariffs on cars coming to the U.S. from Mexico unless the country does more to stop the flow of migrants and drugs coming to the U.S.

• Enough with these harmful tariffs. — Rob Holley

• Better that we continue to pay the high side of every trade agreement. I’ll bet you also think we should continue to give these countries millions of dollars too. Whether it’s your neighbor or the country next door, or even around the world, the fact remains you can’t buy friends. The payer is always thought to be the fool. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Government doesn’t see any tariff money. Tariffs only hurt those who would normally purchase the vehicles. If sales drop off, it will probably hurt U.S. employment as manufacturers would look to slow production and cut costs. — Dan Maher

• He doesn’t want to hurt his chances at reelection. It was a stupid move that would have cost the United States jobs, manufacturing, and approximately 1 billion dollars a day in business, according to some sources. — Craig Walter

• Can’t make up his mind on any issue. The art of deflection. — Karen King

• Yeah, no other president has ever changed his mind. — Maureen McCartan Harris

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