Speak Out: The ‘great experiment’

Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor headlined “Corrupting the ‘great experiment.’’

• The writer makes a compelling argument for preserving the Republic and its democratic institutions. Unfortunately he then veers off into partisan Democrat talking points and misses the real threat.

The real danger to our Republic comes not from anything President Trump has allegedly committed, since he can be voted out of office if you don’t agree with him or his policies. The real danger comes from the continued “Resistance” policy of the Democrats and their allies in the federal bureaucracy, who have refused to accept Trump’s election and sought impeachment from before he was even inaugurated.

Elections matter and our collective agreement to accept the results of our elections keep this Republic safe. There is also some insane talk coming from the Democratic far left of impeaching Vice President Pence as well, thus making Nancy Pelosi president. Do you think the Republic could survive such a blatant power grab?

I fear the response from the American people, fully enraged, and who have lost all patience with partisan politics would make the “Resistance” march and Antifa look like a toddler’s temper tantrum. Elections matter, especially when you disagree with the results. There is always another election as long as the Republic stays strong. — Hezzie John Schools

• The only evidence of the use by our politicians of foreign assistance to defeat a competitor was during the 2016 election against Trump. Nearly three years of investigation and $40M have shown no evidence of collusion by Trump. Yet no charges have yet been filed against the DNC, Clinton, Comey and leaders of all the other three-letter agencies infiltrating the Trump campaign who filed illegitimate FISA warrants. They continue to try to unseat the legitimately elected president through lies and a complicit press. The swamp is deep and it’s continued resistance to the will of the people who elected Trump only tells us that our wisdom and instincts to elect him were correct in 2016.

By the way, where is it written that a presidential candidate cannot be investigated for corruption, especially when they have bragged on camera about their own quid pro quo? Am I the only one who thinks something about the Hunter Biden relationship with the Ukraine Barisma gas company and Uncle Joe’s Ukraine responsibility don’t pass the smell test? If one of Trump’s kids had done something similar, can you imagine the outrage on the left and by the media? — Chris Wolfe

• No evidence of collusion but plenty of evidence of obstruction and would be indicted but you know — that memo. As for Ukraine, since when do we refer our citizens to foreign counties to investigate? When do we hold up aid to a country until they investigate? Isn’t it funny that we aren’t interested in just any corruption but alleged Biden, front runner at the time corruption? And why are some Republicans willing to break ranks and condemn this action? Just curious? Can a supporter just answer some questions or do we need to get some deep state conspiracy to deflect? — William Mazzariello

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