Speak Out: The Wall

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Frank Calio headlined “There are alternatives to the wall.”

• First: The request for $5.7 billion is for the 247 miles, as stated, but please stop implying that leaves nearly 900 miles of empty, unprotected border. There are already walls, entry points and other barriers in place. The 247-mile fence/wall is to complete the most frequently violated area, along the border. Second: We already have numerous electronic devices in place. They have not been as effective as the section of wall we also have in place. Why do liberals want to spend good money on measures that have already been proven to be less than effective? Last: Why is it libs want more “electronic” measurements but they are not disclosing their very lucrative ties to Silicon Valley? Could it be, their friends in the electronics industry, would benefit much more, with the sale of devices they produce, rather than a wall? — Dennis Mehrenberg

• So you want modern technology and shoot missles at illegals? That will go over well. Dems have no problem shelling out $50 billion to other countries but refuse to spend $5.7 on our security. Stop calling them undocumented immigrants. They are illegal invaders coming here to use our system and taking money away from homeless, vets and the elderly. These people drop anchor babies and collect money for it. They overwhelm out school system and our kids suffer. Why do you think we are 40th in education? I have nothing against immigrants, on the contrary, but they need to come here the legal way. People trying to get here legally have to wait many years before they are allowed in. Why give preferential treatment to invaders who proudly wave their home country’s flag? — Alex Fowler

• Once again someone who blindly supports the president misrepresents the facts and tries to stir up fear. What money does someone who “drops an anchor baby” get? How do they take money away from homeless, vets and the elderly? It can be equally argued that is what the president and his supporters want to do by spending over $5,000,000,000.00 on a wall. Do you even know how much a billion is? — roughly the number of seconds in 32 years.

Democrats are happy to spend money on border security, just not all that much on walls and fences to fulfill an egomaniac’s election catch phrase. The experts on security say they need more remote surveillance systems, better roads on our side of the border so it can be patrolled, more staff to patrol, and better facilities for handling immigrants. More walls and fences are way down the list — those already exist where they are thought to be most effective. Drop the wall and get real about what is really needed to make the border more secure. — John McCarthy

• The money they get for “dropping an anchor baby” is called welfare. That pool of is limited by what the American people can afford. More for people who sneak across the border means less for those here legally. If the left can spend millions on an investigation, which never had a semblance of probable cause, they can build a few hundred miles of wall. But then, the wall won’t kick anything back — no union dues being diverted to the Democratic Party. — Charles Miller

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