Speak Out: Tolls on new bypass

Administrative changes to billing trips on the new U.S. 301 bypass toll road will be coming.

“We are discussing changes to the invoice, violation letters and toll statements based on feedback we’ve received to bring more clarity to the information customers are receiving,” Delaware Department of Transportation spokesman Charles “C.R.” McLeod said this week.

On a public Facebook page, a string of complaints quickly added up to 315 comments, often citing violation notices, costs and increased traffic on roadways to avoid the tolls.

DelDOT acknowledged the negative reactions circulating upon launch of the 14-mile highway on Jan. 10.

“We’ve received complaints about this being a toll road, when U.S. 301 was not previously tolled and about the cost of the toll, and that there has been an increase in trucks attempting to avoid the toll,” Mr. McLeod said.

• Then they were not listening. Lose the tolls. — Jim Green

• I will never use that road or pay that $4 toll. $1 would be plenty, like Rt 1. — Ray J. R. Laws

• I’ll never use it. But I’m glad to know with all the crime on the rise, our local road pirates are in full force, extorting people who also don’t want to pay a $4 fee to use a road my taxes pay for and maintains. — Justin Neal Capps

• Funny I thought it was supposed to be a bypass. Have you tried going through Middletown lately? It’s ridiculous. We don’t even go to Middletown anymore. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• Alternately, DelDOT has “received favorable comments from users as a result of the time savings that are achieved by using the road as the road bypasses 29 intersections, 18 of which are signalized and has a posted speed limit of 65 mph,” Mr. McLeod said. Those unfavorable comments are those just going one mile from the Maryland/Delaware state line to Middletown to do their weekly shopping or going out to eat. $4 is way too much each way. I will still use the “back” roads. —— Amy Walton

• So, the way to ease complaints about the tolls is to target drivers that DON’T use the road? It’s the Delaware way. — Dave Duncan

• How about adding a third lane first and making it worth the toll. And stop doing radar? I’m paying to go faster, let me go fast. Nick Boggs

• If you have an EZ-Pass violation in Maryland they simply bill you for the cost of the toll. Delaware (messes with) you if you have a violation. It ends up being $50 plus the toll. What a bunch of money grubbers. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Avoid at all costs. — Mike Sawyer

• Another DELDOT fail. — Walt Moulder

• I was coming south to Middletown where I live and couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to get off so it ended up costing me $4. The exit needs to be marked clearly for all to see! — Flora Beattie

• If I were to travel north 14 miles headed toward Wilmington, it’s OK for $4 toll to save time. But only going into Middletown, no, not going to pay it either direction. — Amy Walton

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