Speak Out: Trade Assistance for Farmers Act

Readers reacted to Sunday’s commentary by U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, who recently introduced H.R. 2690, the Trade Assistance for Farmers Act of 2019, which “would permanently expand the existing Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program to protect our agricultural exporters who are negatively impacted by trade policies.”

• It’s not all about the farmers. The ramifications of this trade will be passed down to the consumer. I suggest everyone get their Christmas shopping done immediately. — Jim Czychak

• I don’t understand why people who say they’re all about America aren’t upset that American farmers are spending more to produce crops but make less in export. I can only see this as a great bill for American farmers. People need to stop being “conservative” or “liberal” and vote for bills and laws that are going help American families. — Chris Martin

• Trump is working on a bill for farmers aid. — Victor Santillan

• Yeah, handouts for the people who are against giving handouts. I guess it’s OK as long as they get theirs. Worst part is Trump is 100% the reason they need aid in the first place. — Michael Jack Johnson

• Try going on a farm! Ask a dairy farmer what would make them more money! How about the government not set the price. How about the government not tell you where you can sell it. How about stop forcing farmers to purchase their seed and equipment retail and sell their goods wholesale!! How about making saving farms a priority!! Trump vowed assistance for hurting farmers. Make sure it is not a loan – give them the money. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• I have no empathy for Delaware farmers. Our Department of Agriculture has coddled them to no end. How many “farms” are being paid to be farms? What subsidies are given to Delaware farmers each year? They predominantly are Republican voters and should eat what they sowed by electing Trump. It is also time to classify poultry housing as a separate business entity to itself. Many are not “farmers” they are poultry growers. Entirely controlled environments. — Dennis Norwood

• Trump is not for his base. There’s time to let go of the delusion, and there’s time to realize that you had options in 2016 other than Trump and Hillary, and there will be next year. Stop voting against yourselves. — Ian Kowalewski

• Democrats complain so badly about Corporate America, but 98 percent of farmers are incorporated. If you also have a extra abundance of surplus, it should in return lower the cost of food as the pricing of food in Delaware have gotten out of hand, even at roadsides. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• OK. China has called the shots for entirely too long. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Let me quote from one of my favorite magazines, The Progressive Farmer (no relation to political or cultural “progressivism), “Beijing’s strategic move to place tariffs on soybeans was not by accident. It was a direct shot at states where soybeans are a major crop-and the wallets of Midwestern farmers, who are some if the president’ s strongest supporters.” And, “Mostly the nation’s farmers stand firmly behind the president and his approach to getting America a better deal with our trading partners. Many like the president’ s bravado and his willingness to fray longstanding alliances.” Ron Heck, former president of the American Soybean Association says the short-term pain is worth the long-term gain. He says, “There’s hazards. I get it. But, we have much to gain with present and past grievances that haven’t been addressed before.” Lou Ann Rieley

• Lisa, pay attention to our president, he already took care of the farmers. He is paying the China tariffs to the farmers. You are, as usual, a day late and a dollar short. Do you know what is going on in DC? Didn’t you hear Trump say that he is giving direct payment to American farmers who were negatively impacted by the trade wars? They figure out how many bushels of corn, or wheat or beans they harvested. The difference in the price of a bushel now and before the trade wars. Multiply bushels harvested times the difference in price. and they get a check. — Jay Pratt

• It is my sincere hope that my representatives actually function in a productive manner for all American citizens instead of serving as an obstructionist force mired in their own sewer of failures. — R Howard Anthony

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