Speak Out: Trashing Trump

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by George Roof headlined “Liberals going overboard in trashing Trump.”

• Sorry I am a nurse. If 15 people said I sexually assaulted them, I am sure I would be investigated. At this point Individual 1 could sacrifice a chicken in the Rose Garden and his Kool-Aid drinkers would not bat an eye. How is the deficit going? — Debbie Dickerson

• The sad reality is that no matter how low and desperate these old white men get, they are still old desperate white men. — Ellen Behringer

• Obama wasn’t all white but he was just like the rest of them. How did you like how he blamed Hillary for so much stuff, threw her under the bus just to make himself look good? They are all the same. It’s a shame. Why can’t they just do their job, take responsibility and keep their mouth shut. Maybe it’s a man thing. — Diane Edwards

• As and old, silly white man, I can honestly say they are dumb as it gets. They just keep repeating the same old talking points that Fox is feeding them. — William Mazzariello

• Very well written. I’m surprised that anyone can truly find fault in what he wrote? Every word was thoughtful, respectful and true. We need to be able to have respectful discourse in this country. He never stated that Trump is always right or that Democrats are always wrong. He stated the facts. Americans are divided by left and right for no reason at all. The DNC has done an amazing job pandering and inciting hate. This is not the Bill Clinton Democratic Party. The DNC owns the communist ideology now.

People need to stop and actually think. Someone on here mentioned that Clinton had a balanced budget; does anyone know who helped him get there? Newt Gingrich! We had a Republican-controlled Congress! We had a president and a Congress that were able to reach out and work together. This idea died after the millennium. I wish we could come back together and at least realize most of our ideology is right there in the middle together! — Janet Carey Smith

• Nope. He deserves it. The GOP trashed Obama every chance they got. Blamed him for everything bad. — Yvonne E. Keith

• Remember when people burned Obama in effigy? Yeah, that wasn’t going overboard. — Jonathan A Mills

I cannot build on this well-written commentary. I can only post this with hopes that ALL who receive it (including my friends and family that are Democrats) will read it with an open mind. — Guy Fowler

• Amen to all you wrote, George! I remember when Roosevelt was president, especially the day he died and I saw my older brother cry. My parents were Democrats and I followed in their shoes for a few years and then I registered as an Independent, but a few years ago I realized the Democratic party was changing into a socialist party and I am now a full blown Republican. I cannot understand why all people can’t see how much Trump has done for us. I fear for my grandchildren. — Nancy T. Wrede

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