Speak Out: Trouble brewing?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Is there trouble brewing for supporters of socialism?”

• And you call liberals snowflakes? The right has become the biggest bunch of crybabies in the history of the Republican party. But its OK because in 2020, all of these snowflakes will create a blizzard, while all of the crybabies on the right will only make a bunch of noise. — Gary Greer

• Impeach for what? Beating Hillary in 2016? For exposing Biden’s corruption? For running a successful economy and bringing our troops home? — Chris Werner

• Beating Hillary in 2016 by electoral vote, but behind 3 million in the popular vote is not an impeachable offense. Knowing that Russia meddled in our election and asking for help from them to find emails on his political opponent is however. Stopping Congressionally approved military aid to the Ukraine to dig up dirt in a political opponent is impeachable. Asking countries such as China to also dig up info on a political opponent is impeachable. — Gary Greer

• May Bernie, AOC, et al, get the kind of government they want. Together with all its accompanying economic slavery, and all of the inevitably poisonous state apparatus that comes with ceding your rights and substance to the power of the state. Somewhere far, far away. May I suggest the Soviet Union? Oh, wait… — Matt Bucher

• Do you really think anyone would vote for socialism in its true meaning? Big difference between social programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and food stamps. What is the true definition of socialism? Socialism is an economic and political system. It is an economic theory of social organization. It believes that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the government as a whole. — Mary E. Yoder

• Given our current military spending and ideology regarding contractors, let’s call it nation level stabilization and destabilization. I would say we can check a couple of boxes regarding socialism. — Tyler Mock

• There is so much to unpack about this opinion. But it is just one opinion, and it sounds trite. One thing I know, the gap of wealth between the normal average American and those albeit fewer, rich people and industry is insurmountable. They can afford to pay more in taxes especially since they aren’t necessarily paying a living wage to those who work for them. And I wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes if I was guaranteed it was going toward health care for all and education. But I sure as hell would mind if the 1% didn’t pay near enough like they do now. — Tamala Jones

• Those followers of Bernie and her just see what they want to see. Bernie is a millionaire and told them “bread lines are great.” AOC wants everybody to have the same without having to work for it and they all love that part. If they would really win, reality would set in rather quick. I would suggest all those people take a trip to Venezuela to see socialism in action. —Alex Fowler

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