Speak Out: Trump and census

President Donald Trump is arguing he didn’t retreat when he abandoned his effort to insert a citizenship question into next year’s census and insists his fallback will prove a more accurate option.

• If Trump was the kind to give up, he’d not be President Trump. — Chris Werner

• More truthful the way he’s doing it. Too many would lie. — Edna Staats

• No, he is not “simply” enforcing immigration laws. The administration wants to try to minimize the number of people counted by scaring them, skewing the division of House seats. The Constitution says the census is to count everyone — men, women, slaves, kids — everyone. — Larry Josefowski

• Are we a country or not? A country is made of citizens who contribute through taxes, civic responsibility, and accepting out laws and values, not illegal immigrants. — Victor Santillan

Yes we are a country. We adhere to our Constitution. It actually does specify all persons living in the country. Not just citizens. The slaves were not considered citizens, yet they were counted in the census. There have been no amendments to the Constitution in regard to the census. Therefore all persons living in the country will be counted. — Gerry Boyle

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