Speak Out: Trump goes to court

President Donald Trump is asking the Supreme Court to block a subpoena for his tax returns, in a test of the president’s ability to defy investigations.

The filing Thursday sets the stage for a high court showdown over the tax returns Trump has refused to release. The justices also could weigh in more broadly on Trump’s claim that sitting presidents can’t be prosecuted or investigated for crimes.

The subpoena from the Manhattan district attorney is seeking Trump’s tax returns back to 2011 from his accounting firm as part of a criminal investigation. Trump’s lawyers say a criminal probe of the president at the state or local level is unconstitutional and unprecedented in American history.

•And they should. There is no law that forces a president to make their taxes public. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Nor is there a law preventing either, they have to rule within the Constitution and our laws. They alone, cannot set a new precedent. — Brian Scharf

• What does he have to hide? — Christian Orendorf

• The Supreme Court will uphold the prior rulings. Also. Congress is entitled to them or anyone else’s, per Constitution. Trump is beholden to Russian mobsters, including Putin. That’s a national security problem. If Putin ever releases everything he’s got on the Treason Weasel, he’ll probably face a firing squad!

Under a 1924 federal tax law, § 6103 of title 26 of the United States Code, Congress may request copies of anyone’s tax returns. The Treasury secretary is legally obliged to provide the tax returns, and there is no apparent legal mechanism to deny Congress’s request. — Tee Brat

• Trump ran on transparency and claimed time and time again he would release his taxes. Trump lies. As for this situation. It does not matter if you are the president of Mars. The state of New York is investigating him. He is not beyond the law. — Dennis Norwood

• You do know that he was fined 2 million for stealing from his “charity.” Wondering if that doesn’t make you question his finances at all? — William Mazzariello

• OK, I’ll be glad to show you mine. Most of us with nothing to hide would do so. Most of us with nothing to hide would allow our subordinates to testify freely, correct? If Hillary was president as well as Obama, and both tried to block their tax returns, I’d wonder whether or not they were hiding anything. Then I’d question my judgment for supporting them because it’ll be obvious that they didn’t hold the same values as I do: one being transparent, the other being beyond reproach in my dealings personally as well as professionally. — Michael Jones

• After seeing Trump’s history from Atlantic City alone, I’ve never trusted him, and I’m afraid for all of us from the after effects once he’s already gone from office. — Christian Orendorf

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