Speak Out: Trump impeachment

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler says there’s no confusion about what his committee is doing: It’s an impeachment investigation, no matter how you want to phrase it.

• Guidelines meaning Trump doesn’t have to commit an impeachable offense to be impeached. The Democrats are pathetic and so is the media who works with them. — Ryan Fenimore

• If these idiots worked for us instead of themselves, things might just get done! — Jayne Muchler Dick

• All for show to keep their unhinged base happy. They just want to keep their hoax in the news for the sycophant media. — Philip L Puschel

• Donald Trump will step down as president in January 2025. Just be patient, Democrats. Oh then possibly Don Junior for eight years. — Mark Schmalhofer

• They aren’t sure they have the votes in the House to impeach. They certainly won’t have the votes in the Senate to convict. So to what end is this, but partisan grandstanding? What could be accomplished if they gave less attention to partisan politics, and more time working with the Senate for the people? — Jeffrey Boyer

• Finally! — Merv Sparks

• What high crimes and misdemeanors? What happened to the Mueller investigation? Libs have been calling for impeachment since the night of election 2016. Keep dreaming. Russia farce did not work, Racism accusations not working, Resistance is not working. — Maureen McCartan Harris

• Prediction: There will be no impeachment. However, Nadler will continue all the way to the election with “impeachment-related news” to attempt to goose the news cycle occasionally. This very news story is a case in point. An actual impeachment proceeding might have quite dangerous and unintended consequences for Mr. Nadler’s allies. Minority counsel would certainly be able to subpoena witnesses, and under the rules of discovery find out exactly what happened in regards to items such the Steele dossier, in ways that could embarrass individuals Nadler would not wish to be embarrassed, up to and including members of the Obama administration. Immunity deals would be struck, tongues would wag, and careers and reputations smashed. Clapper, Comey, and McCabe are already circling one another warily like three vultures. — Matt Bucher

• The House is closing in on three years without a single accomplishment. What a sad state of affairs. Spending all their time trying to impeach POTUS. Democratic party is leaderless and has no platform.— Fred Hallback

• Republicans controlled the House for Trump’s first two years. They gave you a tax cut for millionaires and corporations. What more do you want? Four more years of Trump and Republicans and we can get rid of Social Security and Medicare, those darn socialist programs. — William Mazzariello

• What took them so long? Finally! — Susan Janis

• What are you waiting for? — Elizabeth Kenney

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