Speak Out: Trump Jr. on JFK

Donald Trump Jr. claimed Tuesday that the modern-day Democratic Party has moved so far left it would have rejected President John F. Kennedy as an “alt-right, neo-Nazi terrorist.”

The president’s son launched the broadside against Democrats during an interview on Fox News to promote his newly published book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.”

“The reality is this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party,” Trump Jr. said in the interview. “If you look at their party platform, it’s not for working-class Americans. You know, JFK would be an alt-right neo-Nazi terrorist, according to them today.”

• This exact conversation is being repeated in millions of households across our country right now. The radical extremes of the current democrats is costing them their entire base of moderate Democrats. The current Republican party is more in line with the JFK-era Democrats and today’s Democrats are in line with the communist/socialist radicals of the 60s. 2020 will be an extremely rude awakening for the Democratic party. — Marc Auger

• As radical as the left is getting, the right is still far more radical. We are living in a radicalized nation and only a true patriot can bring the two radical wings together. Trump is not it. — Susan Janis

• Not really. Democrats literally have socialists running for president. A radical conservative would never get such a huge platform. — Ryan Fenimore

• Border protection and deportation of illegals used to be mainstream in the Democratic party as recent as 2008. Now it’s considered “radical right” to enforce borders. Clearly the Democrats have been taken as puppets to the globalist agenda, and don’t know it. — Tom Small

• JFK wasn’t a socialist. — Jon Walczak

• Neither are most of the Democrats, which is why Biden has been polling so high for so long. — Jess Mortillfem

• Actually he was. As was Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln and Eisenhower. You just don’t understand what socialism is. Deborah Bradl He wouldn’t need to fit in, he’d be leading it. — Matt Kay

• He’s right though. Modern JFK would’ve been a Republican. — Shyla Marie

• Hmmm. Gonna disagree with Jr. here. Personally believe JFK was at the forefront of the Democratic party’s departure into wholesale corruption and distancing themselves from the unwashed masses. — Brandon Brennan

• I’m so amazed at what people will watch happen in front of their eyes, while not considering the echoes of history and past lessons we should have learned. — Tyler Mock

• JFK was a Democrat! And still would be if he lived in today’s world. — Margie Rosamond

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