Speak Out: Trump presidency

In a recent commentary, Mike Apgar of Dover asserted “Donald Trump has never been the president of the United States of America — at least the America that stood for truth and justice for all, respect for all citizens, protection of world stability through leadership of strong alliances, opposition to despots and promotion of democracy.”

• (Trump) actually moved our embassy to Jerusalem after so many presidents said they would. Sounds like he is more presidential then our former presidents. — Ryan Fenimore

• Editorials are read too much like real news today. I love the president’s focus on child and human trafficking in the U.S. I haven’t seen him do anything that says he doesn’t love America as much as I do. I think it’s refreshing to have a non-politician who actually tries to accomplish what he promised to do. The left sells a great game but never follows through. The way the media is owned by the Dems is crooked. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Many truths there. I have been disappointed by Trump’s comments and actions. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Thank you Mr. Apgar. The most clear and accurate description of the trump presidency I’ve seen so far. — Gerry Boyle

• This hatred needs to stop. United we will stand, but divided we will fall. It is not OK to say something bad about any of God’s people, even if they are the president. — Mary Ann Karoly

• So much nonsense, so little time or inclination to reply, so I’ll take on one point. That Trump came in on a long wave of economic recovery. We were told, to the very end of Obama’s reign, that a stagnant economy was the new normal, and we’d just have to get used to it. — Charles Miller

• It is so odd that this commentary would speak of “America First” in a negative tone in that President Trump speaks of “Making America Great Again”. Isn’t it Delaware that seeks the title “Delaware First”? — Rob Adams

• Mike Apgar lives in a vacuum where he never sees anything outside the realm of socialist thinking. Try as I might, I never see a logical or cogent thought pattern. But let’s break this down to hard facts. 1. Donald Trump is President of the United States. 2. Donald Trump has never, though Democrats have spent three years and millions of dollars trying to prove it, bowed to another world leader. 3. Donald Trump has never stolen money from taxpayers to load on pallets to send to terrorists. 4. Donald Trump exemplifies the common American’s way of thinking and reacts to stimuli like normal people do. So get used to it. God willing and if we can keep communist Democrats from implementing an illegal alien voting block, we’ll have Donald Trump as president for five more years. — George Roof

• And the idiots will reelect him by an even bigger margin in 2020. — Timmy Harmon

• Donald Trump is doing a great job as president and if the Pelosi/Schumer clan would stop trying to destroy the president, our country could move forward. — Mary Grampp Brown

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