Speak Out: Trump testifying?

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Donald Trump to testify in front of investigators in the House impeachment inquiry ahead of a week that will see several key witnesses appear publicly.

• I hope his ego and arrogance compels him to do it. The way he lies and puts his foot in him mouth, there would be no need for no more than one question, then sit back and listen. At some point he’ll tell on himself. I’m pretty sure his close “yes men” are urging him to not testify for just that reason, his foot in mouth illness. — Michael Jones

• Let’s have the whistleblower testify.— Richard Cutchin

• Doesn’t need to, everything he/she said in the report has already been proven. — Peter Giaquinto

• It’s to keep “government” employers from revenge. This is the exact reason there’s a whistleblower protection act. Trump is the most petty, spiteful president ever. The minute the whistleblower comes forward, Trump will start tweeting about the person. Then he’ll talk about that person at every rally, and try to intimidate them every chance he gets. He’ll get them fired because now they’ll be a “loser”. But it don’t matter, you people don’t get it — Eddie Dillard

• Sure call Trump, but let’s also call up Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and the “whistleblower” – if he/she exists. — Jimmy Cetnar

• Hunter is a corporate lawyer and not on the public’s dime like Ivanka and her patent deals. — Ed Likes

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