Speak Out: Trump veto

President Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency on Friday, overruling Congress to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding.

• Good. Are these people in Congress so full of themselves that they think anyone believes for one minute it’s a constitutional powers issue? Some of these people have been there 30 years and never happened to get around to funding border security? They have the power of the purse but have repeatedly failed to get a budget, let alone balance one in how many years? — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• So glad he pushed for the wall the first two years instead of tax reform for $2 trillion dollars to corporations and those who are really rich. It’s great that we’ve been pushing this trickle down economics for 30 years and it’s worked so well. — Craig Walter

• Good for him! Best president ever! Fight for what’s right! We need that wall! The Attorney General Barr, during the signing of the veto, declared that what the president has done to declare a national emergency at the border is absolutely Legal And within the scope of what his executive order should be used for. So the veto was exactly what was needed. Thank you Donald J. Trump for all you do to try to protect the citizens of the USA. Grateful for all you do in spite of opposition at every turn! — Tina Husfelt

• An unconstitutional fake emergency declared by an authoritarian fake president. — Joe Bernard

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