Speak Out: Trump visits DAFB

President Donald Trump paid respects Thursday to two Army officers who were killed when their helicopter crashed this week in Afghanistan, holding his salute until each of the flag-draped cases containing their remains were returned to their grieving families.

Trump and his wife, Melania, traveled to Dover Air Force Base to offer condolences to the families of Chief Warrant Officer 2 David C. Knadle, 33, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kirk T. Fuchigami Jr., 25.

• Say what you want about the guy, he walks the walk when it comes to vets and current service members. — Anthony DellAversano

• I am not a Trump fan, but I want to see him walk the financial part of the walk when it comes to veterans. If he can revamp the VA, that would restore my respect for him. — Jordan Irazabal

• Thank you for supporting our military and being their for our fallen. Our sympathy to these families and friends who have lost loved ones. — Sallyann Pannucci Pippin

• Thank you for supporting our military and being their for our fallen. Our sympathy to these families and friends who have lost loved ones. In the dark of night our president and his darling wife can manage to come here to Dover AFB to honor our fallen soldiers. He is the best president I have ever had during my extended life. — Carol Roll-Hendershot

• I’m thankful he made this trip to visit with families. I wish he would show due respect to veterans who go on to serve the nation in other capacities such as foreign service/national security positions by respecting their testimonies. — Karen Chellquist

• Testimonies? You mean opinions. Hearsay and assumptions. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• He showed up to benefit himself. Everything this man does has to benefit him. It’s so ironic that he “cares” and “honors” vets, yet he vilified the decorated vet that testified before the committee. He never spoke out at his rallies for his supporters to stop degrading this vet, instead inflamed it. His showing up at DAFB for most of us was a show given his history of slandering vets that simply don’t support him. — Michael Jones

• So proud the president knows where Dover is and comes to honor the fallen soldiers. That is showing you care about your county and the people in it and defending us. — Nancy E. Carey Baker

• Among vets and some politicians besides those Air Force vets that are or have been stationed there, DAFB is well known and not the place you want your tour to en . It’s a special place and a incredible ceremony to watch.— John Colley

• He’s been there three times. President Obama was there over a dozen. The difference. — President Obama wanted it to be about the soldiers so there was no photo op. — Chris Bruno

• So proud to say President and Mrs. Trump represents my country well! Very sad that they had to visit DAFB under these circumstances. Prayers for their families. — Cindy Christiansen

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