Speak Out: Trump’s poll numbers

About 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump’s overall job performance, according to a new poll released Thursday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which finds some support for the president’s handling of the U.S. economy but gives him weak marks on other major issues.

Just 36% of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling his job as president; 62% disapprove.

The numbers may be ugly for a first-term president facing reelection in 14 months, but they are remarkably consistent. Trump’s approval rating has never dipped below 32% or risen above 42% in AP-NORC polls since he took office.

• No one asked me what I think of the job he’s doing. Wonder how many others they skipped over. —Tony Dominick

• Well the crowds at the rally would suggest otherwise. — Bobbi Newman Harless

• And we all know how accurate polls are. Remember 2016? Hmmmmm? — Pattie Hornbeck Menzel

• You mean when Hillary won the popular vote?– James Farmer

• We all know damn well there is zero chance he wont be reelected. This guy has been killing it literally since day one. There is nobody who can beat him in an election. He will be reelected in 2020, I’m very confident in that. America spoke and Americans got what we wanted. We wanted a non-politician and a businessman. — Louis B Gardner

• It bears reminding that the last Realclearpolitics “poll of polls” average before Election Day 2016 had then-candidate Trump at 37.5% approval/ 58.5% disapproval. Almost all the polls in the average had a “likely voter” screen — yet he still won the election. — Matt Bucher

• A small, but very solid base. Next year will be interesting. Economic turmoil isn’t going away, but Trump’s behavior will be, as usual, unpredictable — which will cause more uncertainty. — Larry Josefowski

• The quote most attributed to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” — Rick Schuman

• What’s not to believe. 48% of Americans who voted in 2016 voted for Clinton, 46% for Trump and 6% for neither of them. He has not been interested in “crossing the aisle”. — Karen Chellquist

• Trump will win unless the Dems come up with a better candidate. The first 23 they brought out ain’t gonna get it done. — Jeffrey Dixon

• Doesn’t matter if his disapproval rating is 95% if the Democrats can’t find a better candidate. It’s an A or B decision when it comes voting time. — Jim Price

• Awww. The “Second Coming King of Israel Chosen One Stable Genius” isn’t doing well in the polls? Gee, what a shame. I’m sure he will whine about that for days because, you know — needy and insecure. — Michele Lapinski

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