Speak Out: Trump’s tax returns

A House committee sued the Trump administration in federal court Tuesday for access to President Donald Trump’s tax returns, setting up a legal showdown over the records.

• More of our tax dollars wasted on a phony witch hunt. Could use this money towards other legit needs. Democrats will never accept the results from 2016 and will have a full meltdown in 2020. — Jon Walczak

Legit needs like? Ohh like the tanks for Fourth of July parade? Yeah definitely money better spent. — Nicole Sexton

• Trump should file a lawsuit to get all the Democrats’ tax records. — James Ciolek

• Really? Why? Just let it go or make everyone’s public.— Kate Williams

• How about getting to work to do something to help this country instead of investigating and investigating and investigating? — Greg Sheraton

• Only the media and the Democrat party leaders care about Trump’s past tax returns. — Philip L Puschel

• Trump was a billionaire to begin with, hasn’t taken a paycheck from the government, Many senators started out not being millionaires, but are now and then some. Let’s see there tax returns instead. Senators have been taking money for years and years. That’s why they are against term limits, can’t keep getting that fat money on the down ow. — Richard Miller

• Well, $400,000 is chump change compared to the $100,000,000 he has cost the U.S. taxpayer in golf outings alone, not to mention bringing his family uninvited to a state dinner on our dime. — Robert Lussier

• Just more taxpayers money being wasted. Just support the president as any president should be and let’s address the issues with illegal immigration and protecting our country. I sure miss the country we had within five years post-9/11. Where did that love for our country go? — Andy Collins

• He is the only presidential candidate to have not released their tax returns. Release them and it’s over, hide them and they will sue you to get them. New York courts are champing at the bit because they, along with the DOJ (Mueller) cannot indict a sitting president. — Eddie Curley

• POTUS is a public servant and elected official, so if Congress needs to see his taxes to ensure rules, audits, and actual financial data is accurate, they should get his taxes. Has there been any proof he was at least under audit like he said or was he lying to all of us. There is just so much wrong with this administration that even the craziest thing has now become the norm. — Merv Sparks

• It’s none of your business about his tax returns. He owns corporations. Are you asking for Disney’s or any other major company. Grow up people. He doesn’t need to show tax returns because the majority of the people can’t understand them anyway cause he is corporate. — Brady Allen

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