Speak Out: Trump’s tax returns

Democrats will “never” see President Donald Trump’s tax returns, said White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Sunday.

• Y’all would crucify Obama if he was in this position. — Esmeralda Cortes

• Make a law that all politicians must release their taxes. Honest people are more concerned with those who turn six-figure salaries into nine-figure bank accounts than those who use their 10-figure bank accounts and donate their quarterly salary. Cover both bases. I know which I’ll be more interested in. — Chris Werner

• I hope he never does if it does no more than (tick) off (those) that want it that have done so much wrong to begin with. — William Jamar

• So you’re OK with all the things he’s hiding in those tax returns. Every president back to Nixon handed over their tax returns. What is Trump hiding? Gotta be something. Is it Russia, money laundering, or what? Maybe the fact he’s not as rich as he claims? That wouldn’t surprise me with all the lies he tells. — Debbie Lawrie Dopman

• Dems will use anything for their own ill-gotten gain. We don’t care about his tax returns. Everyone forgets he gave up a decent career as CEO of a successful business and now donates his presidential pay. The new Democrat people in power think they can use their power for opposition research because they know they are going to be spanked in the 2020 election if Democrats can’t cheat. They cannot win on their own policies and instead revert to calling everyone who opposes them racists. — Paul Humphreys P

• Dems are going to see, I assure you. Whether it’s during Lyin’ Don’s term or after. I’m pretty sure SDNY is or will be looking at it also. — Jim Coleman

• Good! They shouldn’t! These damn Democrats are getting out of hand! When will Congress turn theirs over? — Tina Husfelt

• I hope no one ever sees his tax returns. Evil politicians leave him alone. He is making the USA better every day! — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• If we need to see his, then we should have the right to see all the politicians. I am not worried about his. I want to see theirs. — Kate Williams

We should put as much pressure on Individual No. 1 to release his taxes as he put on Obama to release his birth certificate. What’s he got to hide? Being under audit is not an excuse. Do we even have evidence that he is actually under audit? — Charlene Randall Korejko

• It’s not a requirement to hold public office in government! — Donald Michael Abrams


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