Speak Out: Trump’s tweets

Readers recently reacted after President Donald Trump said over the weekend that four women of color in Congress should “go back” to the countries they came from.

• I agree with President Trump, if you hate America, leave. If you accept our veterans and poor living in the gutters of our cities and demand we do away with our borders, hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more. — Frederick Tate

• Actually that’s not what he said. He didn’t say “leave and don’t come back” he basically said “if your ideas are so great why don’t you go take them to some other countries, implement them and see if they really work before using them here.” The delivery was poor and childish but the message was dead on. — Rob Holley

• The way he said it was bad but he’s right that if you don’t appreciate it here then you need to leave.— Hilary Ennis

• So then you’re all for asylum seekers and people immigrating, right? Those people don’t like their country so they are trying to leave too. Conservatives are hilarious. You don’t like it leave. But wait, that’s only if you don’t like America. If you don’t like the country you’re from, well don’t come to ours. — Christopher Joyce

• This is such a racist statement that I can’t believe that we are discussing if the sentiment is worth considering. No, it’s not. These are all legal citizens, and three were born in America. — Stephanie Hart

My impression is that they love America so much that they will fight for positive change to allow the country, its land and its people to thrive. — Kristin Froehlich

• It is obvious that those of you who have bent the love America definition think that what ever the president says is the end all of end alls. You have forgotten how and why this country was founded. And anyone who thinks that standing up to the government is anti-American is also in the wrong country. — Dennis Norwood

• I love my country. Can’t stand the way it’s currently being run. The top mouthpiece needs to learn a lot and just stop the hate.— Valarie Kelley

• They come here to conform to our country’s Constitution, not bring there country’s laws here. Don’t like our country, there are plenty others. Ridiculous that these women say they represent the USA — Bill Bailey

• It’s not ridiculous. They are duly elected and certainly represent their constituents. Three of the four were born here and are natural born citizens while the other immigrated here legally and was naturalized at age 14. Therefore they are citizens. I’m not sure what you mean about conformity into a culturally diverse society. Should they all have Confederate flag vanity plates on their cars? — Joe Bernard

• Here is the line in the sand for GOP. You either stand by Trump or you don’t. — Merv Sparks

• It’s easier to allow the Democrats make fools of themselves trying to defend four of the most anti-American members of Congress ever elected. — Hezzie John Schools

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