Speak Out: U.S. 301 opens

The new 14-mile U.S. 301 roadway opened late Thursday morning after nearly three years of construction. E-ZPass trips will debut at a maximum $4 for two-axle vehicles (northernmost entry from Del. 1 just south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the southernmost Maryland state line) and $5.60 for other license plates, with less charged for shorter trips with exits. Six-axle trucks will be charged $12 for the entire distance, $14.40 without E-ZPass.

• $4 – $5.60 for 14 miles? Ouch. — Stephen Basler

• $4 is the toll at the Delaware/Maryland state line for using I-95 — which is about the same length from state line to state line (Maryland to Pennsylvania) And you can easily avoid that toll, just like you can on this road. — Brian P Slattery

• Yes I don’t see myself using that road. Proposed case for the road was to reduce congestion. A few minutes traffic is worth four bucks. I believe our stretch of 95 is the most expensive stretch of road on the East Coast! Go Delaware! — Stephen Basler

• I believe that it was mostly created for, and most of the traffic on that road will be, commercial trucks. I don’t think that the everyday traveler was their target consumer. I believe their main goal was to remove the trucks so that local cars could use the old road more efficiently. — Jess Mortillfem

• I’ve taken it twice. It’s the same toll as Rt 1 — $1 to Middletown. What’s the big deal? Cut my ride by 10 minutes. — Dy Bowen

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