Speak Out: U.S. fight against opioids

Readers reacted to a recent Commentary by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services titled “U.S. making progress on the opioid crisis” wherein he talks about the Trump administration’s recent $3 billion in grants to fight the problem, including $18,422,413 being sent to Delaware.

• What fantasy world are you living in? — Stephen Terrance Herd

• What about the progress in helping our veterans, homeless and elderly? Where is the help for the people that don’t do drugs? — Robert Locke

• Why can’t we do all of it? — Benjamin Black

• Oh please, we are not making any progress anywhere. The funds are not making it down to the people on the front lines, Period. — Natalie Andrews

• Hahaha yea right, funny thing is we are so worried about opiates lately we seem to not care about all the other pharmaceuticals being taken, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds for one. Oh and has anyone ever heard of benzos? Literally you hear nothing of this term in the news and benzos are now becoming just as worse. — Christopher Joyce

• The U.S. is making progress on a problem they created — awesome.— Wayne Grimm

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